Goose hunting in Iceland

Goose hunting on corn field's

Goose hunting

in Iceland



Goose hunting season 2011 has started in Ármót

The hunters who started the goose hunting season 2011 in Ármót was realy happy this morning. They had perfect weather and lot of Geese as you can see at following pictures.

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Booking for the goose hunting season 2011 in Armot is open

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Greylag and barnacle geese has been in thousands this spring so we look forward to see them back next autumn.

Autumn goose hunting season will start 20th of august.

Iceland is a major breeding and stopover territory for several species of geese, including the gray-lag, pink foot and barnacle, the species which are legitimate to hunt during this autumn season

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Goose hunting in Armot

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Goose hunting in heavy wind and rain on Sunday morning

Last Sunday morning we had two groups hunting in heavy wind and rain. Probably was the weather interfering the geese a bit because they flight in late this morning. Despite that they came in big numbers so the results was about 60 geese and 10 duck's. Not bad at all.

The number of geese are increasing every week so the best time is still ahead.

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